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    A compact, portable sticker designed for attachment to wallets or smartphones, promoting ease of use during social events.


    Analyzes for the presence of GHB in a beverage, supplying an early indication of potential tampering.

Answers to popular questions

How big is the pack?

The dimensions of the pack measure 3.35 x 2.17 x 0.3 inches, closely resembling that of a standard business card. This compact GetSafety™ size allows you to conveniently affix one or two stickers to the rear surface of their wallet or smartphone, ensuring accessibility and readiness for deployment at any event.

Is there an expiration date?

The GetSafety™ stickers do not possess an expiration date, thanks to the protective film adhered to the test paper's surface. This protective film minimizes the impact of humidity and foreign substances, enabling extended storage and use.

What drug does it register?

Half of the GetSafety™ test stickers is specifically engineered to react to GHB, ensuring users can easily discern any color changes. GHB, a commonly employed psychotropic substance known for its colorless and odorless characteristics, is a prevalent choice among date rape drugs.


    The apricot design combines trendy aesthetics with natural elements for a fun and funky vibe that also promotes relaxation.


    Our lime design blends fresh and minimalistic aesthetics through the use of vibrant lime colors, creating a visually appealing and straightforward design.